Hi.  Thanks for coming to my website. My name is Nancy Durant. I created this site to showcase my artwork. Art has always played some role in my life whether sketching, finger painting or using charcoal sticks. I am not a formally trained artist. In fact, my career has been in IT which can be a form of art too – developing code, process building and creating user interfaces among other things.

About 2 years ago I needed a way to heal from some devastating pain and began painting in acrylics. With encouragement from my therapist, I picked up a paintbrush, a palette knife and even my fingers and created what felt right to me. Spending time in front of my easel helps me relax and lose myself in the colors and shapes.

Please take a look at my artwork by clicking here (Artwork) or on the Artwork tab above.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me using the Contact tab.